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Mineral Cover stick

Three new creamy covers Mineral cover stick with minerals, that cover up skin imperfections such as pigmental spots, freckles and acne.

Creamy covers include Sepitonic™MC mineral complex (Mg+Cu+Zn), that protects skin form exterior’s influences, perfectly copes with tiredness symptoms and gives natural tone and fresh look to skin. Combination of zinc, cooper and magnesium speeds up metabolism and increases vitality, protecting against influence of free radicals in cover applying areas.

Thanks to creamy consistency our creamy covers are easy to use and applies without smudges.

Handy shape simplifies applying, that is nicer and more comfortable now. What’s more, creamy cover is more hygienic and economical in use.

We prepared three shades of our creamy covers. Green perfectly conceals red spots. Two other, that differ from each other in tone, are ideal for delicate covering skin imperfections.

Covers LAMBRE conceal perfectly, do not plug skin pores. They are non-smearing and long-wearing.


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